Trimming and pruning the trees on your property is an important routine task that all homeowners should attend to. While there are many important things one can do to ensure the health of their trees, trimming and pruning are both relatively underrated services that deserve more attention. Trimming and pruning technically have different purposes, as trimming refers to the act of cutting back and shaping trees and pruning is the strategic removal of branches, but they are services that go hand-in-hand.

To understand why you should be putting more focus into trimming and pruning, these are the benefits of a regular trimming and pruning schedule:

1. Newly planted trees benefit from early pruning

It is extremely important that you prune trees that are young and still developing. Regularly and correctly pruning trees while they’re still young helps ensure that they grow with a strong and sturdy structure that has already been corrected for faults. When you start the pruning process early, you will also have to prune them less in the future because their structure has already been corrected. 

While you can learn how to prune an adult tree with enough time and practice, pruning a young tree is a delicate process that should be handled by professionals. At Tree Service St Louis Pros, we offer affordable tree service St Louis that can prune and trim your trees with care and skill.

2. Trimming improves the general appearance of trees

If you’re concerned about the appearance and health of your trees, trimming can effectively take care of any problems you may have with your trees. Trimming can be done as a cosmetic service that gives your trees an overall better appearance by trimming back overgrown parts of the tree and overly long branches. Not only does this make trees look good, but it can also help them distribute energy more efficiently.

3. Effective trimming improves the landscape of your property

Have you ever seen a well-designed landscape that has errant trees? Probably not, because trimming trees can do wonders to improve the view of a property. And if you’re looking to sell your property, trees that have obviously been maintained can do wonders to enhance the entire property.

4. Removing dead branches ensures your and your trees’ safety

While many people view the sight of dead or dying branches as unsightly, they may not know that these branches are also dangerous. Dead or dying branches that could fall apart at any moment pose a threat to people who may be walking underneath and can also damage property that might be under it.

And if a branch has died because of a disease, cutting off the diseased limb will halt the further spread of the infection in that tree as well as to other trees on the property.

5. Trimming and pruning helps distribute sunlight more evenly

Trees need sunlight to live and grow. But when a tree is overgrown or when its branches grow in the wrong places, the tree will suffer as lower branches cease to receive proper sunlight. That’s where pruning comes in to correct the growth of errant branches. By doing this, even branches on the lowest part of the tree are able to thrive.

6. Pruning helps fruit trees have better harvests

For fruit trees to grow better-quality fruit, there are many factors that need to be right. Two of those are sufficient sunlight and proper air circulation. For both of these factors, skilled pruning that removes any unnecessary branches and leaves can help, which then leads to better, bigger, and more fruit from a fruit tree.
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