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Lot clearing may be necessary for any number of reasons: safety, construction, or even appearance and aesthetics. Whatever reason, Tree Service St Louis Pros can get the job done for you at a cost-effective price! Call us at (314) 433-5453 to receive a free quote and to talk to one of our land clearing experts! There’s no need to shop around – when it comes to your tree concerns, Tree Service St Louis Pros offers quality work with a local team.

Lot Clearing: What's it for?

Lot clearing can answer a range of problems, such as:

  • Safety reasons. If trees are decaying and falling apart or if there are stumps left in the ground, land clearing can effectively solve that problem as we make sure to clear everything on your lot, down to the last twig.
  • Preparing for construction. If you have something planned for your lot, trees and plants will first need to be removed from the property. Lot clearing involves everything from uprooting, tree removal, and stump removal.
  • Get a clean slate. If you have a property with plants and trees that you cannot control and do not want, our lot clearing will leave the ground prepped and ready for the plantation of new more desirable trees and plants.
A machine clearing a lot

Why hire a professional

While some light and easy land clearing can definitely be done by a DIYer, such as pulling weeds and uprooting small plants, you will want to hire a professional if there are trees that need removing, stumps that need grinding, and bushes that need uprooting.

Beyond the processes of removing the organic growth from your lot, lot clearing also involves ensuring the same plants and trees removed will not regrow and sprout, which involves clearing out all their root systems that can be far underneath the ground

A professional lot clearer will also make sure the lot is prepped and ready for its next stage of life, whether that is preparing the soil and ground for new growth, or evening the surface for construction. Get your lot cleared with Tree Service St Louis Pros today! Call us (314) 433-5453.

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We have years of experience in this industry and can perform almost any job in relation to lot clearing and bush clearing services. You can call us to discuss the job at (314) 433-5453 or fill out our quick online form to receive a free quote! Our friendly team at Tree Service St Louis Pros looks forward to your call!

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