Mulching St Louis

Looking to improve your landscaped area with mulching? You’ve come to the right place. The pros at Tree Service St. Louis Pros are at your service! Be one of the long string of customers who rely on us for fast and high-quality mulching. We install and deliver. Reach for your phone and dial (314) 433-5453! When it comes to tree service St Louis, MO, there’s no better choice than our talented team of tree experts to have caring for your property.

St. Louis Mulch Delivery and Installation

Property owners in the commercial and residential sectors are reaping the benefits of mulching. Installing mulch to the landscape increases the curb appeal of a property. But, it goes beyond aesthetic appeal. Mulch acts as a protective double ground cover for the delicate roots of your shrubs, flowering plants, and other greenery. 

Colors can be added to add to the aesthetic appeal of your flower beds and planting areas. It assists plant growth, is eco-friendly and enhances the look for your landscapes. Dial (314) 433-5453 today for all your mulching needs!

Commercial and Residential Mulching

We do more than just hand you a fresh batch of mulch. Mulching St Louis includes the following services:

Delivery – We deliver fresh mulch right at your doorstep.

Installation – Installation is optional if you don’t have a landscape artist or would rather not do it yourself.

Cultivation – We cultivate compacted mulch to rejuvenate mulch beds.

Edging – When you want your mulch bed sectioned from the turf area to keep it in place.

Weed Control – Prior to mulch application, weed spraying and hand pulling them out is included. This keeps the weeds from growing.

If you want to get the job done right the first time, leave it to us. Our services improve soil conditions by improving water retention, weed reduction and mulching for a layer of protection. A fresh coat of mulch is essential to any landscape.

Types of Mulch

Tree Service St. Louis Pros carries natural hardwood mulches and dyed mulches that you can either pick up or receive through delivery. Here are the different types available:

  • Natural Hardwood
  • Dyed – Dark Brown
  • Dyed – Red
  • Dyed – Black

We use only premium organic and natural mulch made from shredded hardwood bark, roots, and wood chips. Mulches are organically dyed so these are guaranteed non-toxic to humans, plants, and pets. Whatever type of mulch you need, your local experts at Tree Service St Louis Pros can help! Call (314) 433-5453 today.

Call Us Today - (314) 433-5453

Our friendly staff is ready to address your concerns and answer your questions. Reach out to us today and expect a prompt response. Aside from useful advice on natural mulch services in the St. Louis area, we’ll also give you a free estimate! Just dial (314) 433-5453 to know more about our tree and lawn care services.
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