Rain or shine, protecting the home and loved ones should always be a priority. One way to do such is to routinely check with Gutter Cleaning St Louis if your shelter’s parts, such as the roof gutters, are still good.

Gutters will be clogged due to dirt and debris, regardless of the area. This can lead to disastrous consequences when left unchecked. Water from rainfalls will be trapped, and this will overflow. This can enter the basement or flood the house’s exterior, even with a good downspout.

Ensure safety with this guide about responsible gutter cleaning.

What does gutter cleaning include?

Repair and maintenance for the roofing and gutter can be summarized into PIE. The five tips are also included here. 

These are:

  • Protect
  • Invest
  • Expert care


  1. Be responsible and wear eye goggles, face masks, and gloves to avoid contamination. 
  2. There can already be bacteria from the trapped materials between your gutters. 
  3. Use the right footwear. 
  4. Experts advise wearing rubber shoes because this type is slip-resistant.  

Remember that effective maintenance does not come at your safety’s expense.


Professionals encourage purchasing high-quality tools, such as water hose, plastic scoop, and gutter guards. 

Gutter Guards

Opinions are torn regarding these tools’ importance. If properly installed, these will keep the gutters and downspout free from debris. 

  1. Choose an appropriate ladder. 
  2. There are numerous types available. Determining the best ladder depends on the house’s structure. According to Robert Lenney, a single story and a two-story building need four-legged and extension ladders. 
  3. Consider also the weight of the ladder. If it is too heavy, carrying it around the area might be tiresome. In contrast, lighter ladders, such as orchards and wooden ones, cannot support the combined weight of the cleaner and the bucket for the collected dirt. 

Also, ask the assistance of others while cleaning if possible. They can give additional support while climbing up the ladder, and ensure that you can get immediate help if ever you fell from the roof.  

Do not compromise the sturdiness of your home by buying cheap materials for its parts. As much as possible, wise purchasing is needed to avoid accidents and unwanted renovations. 

Expert Care

Hire professionals.

A professional inspection is also essential, besides household maintenance. Most times, repairs are first needed before you can do maintenance. Replacing subpar gutters usually requires skill. Besides installing new parts, you also need to be careful around dangerous power lines. 

Hence, it is more effective and safer if you let seasoned contractors handle these tasks.

Regular inspection and maintenance are crucial for the shelter’s longevity. If roofing care is your priority, these tips will help you start with gutter cleaning. Remember, protecting loved ones begins with protecting the home. 

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