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If you are concerned about the aesthetic appearance of your property and your landscape, tree and bush shaping is the right service for you! Tree Service St Louis Pros offers a beautiful and cost-effective tree and bush shaping to get the look you want for your property. Call us today at (314) 433-5453for a free estimate! Looking to improve your property even more? Tree Service St Louis Pros offers a range of services at cost-effective prices!

Is it important to shape my trees and bushes?

The answer to this is both yes and no. If you have not already pruned and trimmed your trees, then shaping your trees can solve that to a certain degree (though we still encourage you to get your trees professionally trimmed and pruned at least once a year). Shaping helps control overgrown trees and cutting back on branches that have taken too much space can encourage the growth of the other branches of the tree.

But if you’ve already had your trees and bushes trimmed and pruned, shaping is not essential, though it gives very appealing and aesthetically pleasing results. Call us today at (314) 433-5453 to discuss your tree and bush shaping needs.

Shaping options and styles

This entirely depends on you and your tree service company. A good tree service company will know what suits your property but will also give you the creative space to choose what you would like your trees and hedges to look like.

But generally, available shaping designs are smooth and flat hedges and bushes and smooth perfectly round treetops. Depending on the tree, you may also choose to either shape the tree to look wider, longer or shorten and reduce its size. If you have a specific look in mind, feel free to communicate that with the tree service company handling your property. Our friendly experts at Tree Service St Louis Pros are just one phone call away at (314) 433-5453!

Why hire a professional

You do not want to attempt to shape your trees and bushes yourself. While pictures of decoratively shaped hedges and trees may be compelling on the internet, shaping must be professionally done to ensure safely.

This is because it involves both trimming and pruning, which only experienced gardeners will know how to do properly without taking too much or leaving parts that will eventually harm the plant. Furthermore, the tools involved in shaping trees and bushes are sharp, mechanized, and can harm the person using them if they do not know how to control them.

Call Us Today - (314) 433-5453

We are a professional and cost-effective tree service company with years of experience that will always put you first! For tree shaping and bush shaping St Louis needs, make sure to call your friendly and local tree service company Tree Service St Louis Pros! We can get someone out there immediately to discuss your tree shaping needs and you can call us at (314) 433-5453 to receive a free quote.

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