Tree Removal St Louis

Your friendly experts at Tree Service St Louis Pros can perform a tree removal whenever you want! We are experienced, professional, and certified arborists who can perform a tree cutting service both in normal circumstances and in case of an emergency. We service residential and commercial establishments with the same care. Call us now at (314) 433-5453 to get a free quote for  St Louis complete tree removal services! When it comes to St Louis tree service, you can count on us for quality work!

When You Need a Tree Removal

People may need their trees removed for any number of reasons. We at Tree Service St Louis Pros consider tree removal the last solution for tree concerns. We first try to find solutions that can save a tree such as trimming and pruning, but tree removal may become necessary when, among other reasons:

  • The tree has died
  • Too much of the tree is damaged or infected and cannot be saved
  • The tree was damaged in a storm and needs immediate removal for reasons of safety
  • You are looking to clear your lot for renovations or construction

If you’re not sure tree removal is the right procedure for your lot, give us a call for a consultation and we’ll gladly draw up an action plan that is right for you. Call us at (314) 433-5453 today!


The removal of tree process, explained

  • Any tree removal process starts with a thorough assessment of the tree in question. It is important to first determine whether the tree is completely healthy or if it has started to decay, as live wood is harder to chop through. We also assess where it will fall and suitably prepare the area.
  • We begin making the necessary cuts to the tree. This step requires precision as it will need to be correctly estimated to ensure the tree will fall safely in the desired area.
  • Once the tree has been removed, you may choose to also have a removal of stump or stump grinding procedure, which is a separate and more complicated service.

Why hire a professional for tree services

Tree removal is a serious and complex job, that’s why we highly recommend to consult a trusted tree company.

Before any tree removal takes place, we at Tree Service St Louis Pros take the time to understand what is happening. We assess the location of the tree, what it may come in contact with when removed, and how to safely and effectively remove it. Beyond that, when the actual St. Louis tree has been removed, we offer a stump removal service that grinds down the stump with specialized equipment to effectively clear your lot.

To get the best customer satisfaction possible, call Tree Service St Louis Pros at (314) 433-5453 today!

Call Us Today at (314) 433-5453

This is not a job for an amateur. We have years of experience. Let the professionals Tree Service St Louis Pros do the job done for you!

It’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective. For a free estimate or consultation, call us at (314) 433-5453. Our friendly St. Louis MO  team will be ready to take your call and discuss our tree services with you. We offer tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, and more! We service the St. Louis area!

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