Choosing the right tree service company is a big decision to make. It can mean the difference between quality service that improves the overall look of your property or a shoddy job that ruins it and that will cost you more to fix it.

Beyond making sure the company provides the service you need and that they service your area, there are many things to consider like crew and equipment that most beginners to tree care may not know about.

If you’ve never hired local tree service companies before and are not sure what to look for, these are the 5 things we think you need to know before you hire your first tree service company:

1. The tree service company should be licensed

This will of course depend from state to state, but most states have laws in place to make sure that those engaging in tree services have the proper licensing and credentials to carry the job out.
Not only does this make sure that the work is of a good standard but it also means that the whole transaction is legal and valid.

2. They should be using the right equipment

A good tree service company is usually proud of the equipment they use and will be happy to tell you all about what they use and why. This is important for someone choosing their first tree service company as you may not know exactly what kind of equipment is needed for the service you need.
If you communicate what you need clearly to the tree service during the first time you call them, they should be able to tell you if they have the equipment needed for the job, which can save you a lot of trouble.

3. The company should be properly insured

Insurance coverage is crucial to the work tree service companies provide. Liability insurance and worker’s compensation are both important for a tree service company to have.
Liability insurance will ensure any damage that may happen to your property during the job is covered and worker’s compensation insurance protects you from a lawsuit if a worker is injured on your property during the job.

4. You can ask them for their portfolio of work

As with any other service, it helps to know what their past work looks like. If a tree service company is serious about the quality of work they offer, they should be eager to show you examples of past jobs and to give you a contact number for a past client.

5. They should provide a quote

Many tree service companies will provide a quote on the first consultation, and you should take full advantage of that. A quote should include the price, what equipment they need, how many crew members it will take, and how long the job will be.
Comparing quotes is a great way to understand what each tree service company is offering. But make sure to ask about all the services included in that quote.

That’s it! Now you’re all ready to contact your first tree service company.

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